We'll help you navigate retirement benefits

We have been lucky enough to partner with local public school districts for a number of years to help employees truly understand what they have available to them. Our group has specialized in this area since 2003.

We are independent financial advisors that pride themselves on ALWAYS doing what is in the best interest of our clients first and foremost. 

NYS Teacher Pension

Savings for

  • Risk Tolerance Market fluctuations will happen. How would you react if you saw a market pull-back reflected in your account?
  • Time Horizon How long until you are expecting to retire or begin using the money you're saving?
  • Other Assets How will other assets/incomes effect your retirement income picture?
  • Income & Lifestyle Not just right now, but how do you picture your lifestyle in retirement? Let's plan for that!

Why are there so many options?

There are a lot of options which can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s bad because it can certainly be overwhelming especially when you probably haven’t heard of a lot of the companies. 

The good thing is with a lot of options, comes a lot of competition. You can think of it as a list of companies competing for your business! We would be happy to go over this list with you to determine what makes the most sense right now. Some things that you should consider before choosing which of these companies to utilize.