Trevor Smith

I am a seasoned CPA specializing in retirement income and tax optimization. I am committed to helping you secure your financial future. My mission is to create tailored retirement income plans while minimizing your tax liabilities, ensuring you keep more of what you've earned. I provide personalized solutions, uphold the highest professional standards, and empower you with financial knowledge. Let's start your journey towards financial freedom and a worry-free retirement.

My Superpowers

  • Helping people find advantages and “out of the box” ideas using current tax and financial laws

  • Helping people that are nervous or anxious about financial planning feel confident and excited after one meeting

  • Being fortunate enough to have a very high level professional network that my clients can utilize; that includes everything from estate attorneys and tailors to mortgage lenders and experts in A.I.

  • Having a nickname that ensures that I need to be tough, resilient and always looking to improve (ask me what it is later)

About Trevor

In addition to my career as a CPA / Advisor, I’m an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast. My wife, Rachel, and I are proud season ticket holders for the Buffalo Bills, sharing unforgettable moments cheering for our team. We’re also passionate supporters of the Buffalo Sabres. These experiences add a dynamic balance to my life, and my genuine love for helping clients succeed is my driving force.