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Webster School Employees

Welcome to our dedicated page for YOU the Webster School District Employee who wants to take full advantage of what you have available to you! We're glad you're here.


How Does My Pension Work?

Knowing which tier you're in will tell you how your pension works. The details can be a bit confusing, but let's make it easy!

What Is a 403b? Do I need one?

We realize that a "403b" isn't as much of a household name as "401k." So what is the difference? Let us make it simple for you. As for if you need one- that answer is a little more tricky...

Why Are There so Many Options For the 403b? Which is Best? What is OMNI?

Working in a public school is unlike anything else in terms of your employer retirement account. The district utilizes OMNI to administer their plan. Within that plan, you as an employee have a list of options for which company you want to utilize for your 403b savings. Although it can be confusing and intimidating with the number of choices, it is a good thing! It's essentially a list of companies that are competing with each other. This is why it's so important to monitor this list to ensure you are using the best option for YOU!

How much do I need to contribute?

It is all too common that we find that a lot of public school employees pick a contribution amount that they feel comfortable with (at the time) and then never update it. Getting a raise, paying off debt, or even tax laws are among some of the factors that dictate how much you should be contributing.

What does the word "Roth" mean?

Having Roth (after-tax) retirement savings will change your retirement picture. Choosing whether to emphasize Roth (after-tax) savings or traditional (pre-tax) savings while working is something that needs to be evaluated every year. If you do that correctly, you're setting yourself up for much more flexibility when it comes time to actually use all that money you worked so hard to save. Nobody knows what the tax-brackets will be like next year, let alone when you're in retirement. Make sure you have both available to you!

What do I do next?

Let us know how we can help. That is what we are passionate about, and what we are here for.

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