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Episode 13: Avoid These Mistakes That Could Cost You Millions of Dollars Thumbnail

Episode 13: Avoid These Mistakes That Could Cost You Millions of Dollars

Your financial mistakes may be costing you a fortune when you’re not even aware of it.

In this episode, David Pulcini reveals real-life stories, situations, and insight he's gathered by working with clients that have lost millions of dollars making the same eight mistakes you are currently making today. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The eight mistakes you may be making that can cost you a fortune
  • Why guarantees are not cash value
  • Why you should reconsider naming your child as your beneficiary when they’re a minor
  • And more!

Listen in to hear some of the financial mistakes that you're making now that will cost you millions! 

Resources: Connect with David on Linkedin | SixPoint Financial Partners 

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