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Supporting Local

The past month and a half has been a wild one. What we as a community has endured over that time is something that is truly like nothing ever before. This economic shut down has seen a lot of bad things come of it and things that could be obviously seen as negative. Let’s focus on some positives. 

Over 99% of all businesses in the U.S. are small businesses. It has been inspiring to see many people banding together to support these small businesses that make our lives better on a daily basis. Locally, one man took a portion of his stimulus check and opened a tab at a local pizza place paying for patrons until the money ran out. It’s stories like that that made us curious as to what others are doing to support local businesses and also keep busy passing the time with family and friends. Typically, we should be able to be going to a Rochester Red Wings game, or enjoying a concert, but the world isn’t ready for that yet. That’s where a little creativity goes a long way! 

Below you will see a running list of some of the unique things that we hear people are doing and places they are ordering take-out. Hopefully this can be used as a reference for you, your friends, and family to come to for some fresh ideas. We will be updating this list every Monday through the month of May. We hope you enjoy!

Fresh Ideas for You from Around the Community

Activities to Try

Open Restaurants for Take-Out

Learn something new at the Rochester Brainery



Mama Lors 


Candle Making

Abbott’s Frozen Custard


Barry’s Old School Irish Pub


Go for a Hike


Dinosaur BBQ


Go Fishing 

Simply Crepes



Zoom Bingo/ Card games

Garlic Pit


Make your kids the teacher (one person said their kids were teaching them to play Roblox!)

Empire Pizza



Nutcracker Family Restaurant