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Personal Financial Organizer Checklist

We are very excited to announce that we have rolled out the Pareto Systems PFO (Personal Financial Organizer) and our own proprietary checklist for our clients.

If you were asked for an organized folder or binder that contains all of your documents, statements and important contact information, how long would that take to get done?   

With over 20 possible documents / forms on the checklist, this process can be time consuming. Some of the documents you can obtain rather quickly such as a bank statement and the contact information of your Certified Public Accountant or Attorney(s).  Others may require a little more work, such as the homeowners insurance policy summary or copies of your investment statements; no matter where they are held. 

We have a process in place to help our clients gather all of this relevant information in an organized, time-efficient way.  This helps us put together all of the pieces of the financial puzzle and look at everything from a panoramic point of view.  

Once the documents are gathered, we organize them using an aesthetically pleasing, leather-bound binder.  

This binder then serves two purposes.  

One, if anything happens to our clients, the family knows exactly where to find everything.  

Two, we use the binder during our review meetings to make sure that we have touched on many financial topics that may be relevant. 

If you would like more information on the benefits of the Personal Financial Organizer, click here to have the SixPoint FP team reach out to you!